Interview: Victoria Adukwei Bulley Creates A New Space For African Poetry With “Mother Tongues”

Filmmaking is one the most efficient story-telling tools, offering a visual representation to a narrative, and it is no coincidence that British Ghanaian poet, Victoria Adukwei Bulley chose it for her poetry project, Mother Tongues. The film project is an intergenerational translation series that takes the works of african poets from English into Ga, Yoruba,... Continue Reading →

Special Sauce – Sabolai Mix

African Electronic Music is one of the most criminally underrated genres of all time. Usually, major labels and music media tend to group all music from the continent under one vague and lazy category: World Music. This tag undermines the genius work of artist who have toiled to innovate new and distinct sounds, mirroring their... Continue Reading →

Accra Power: A Film That Unplugs A City

  Unpacking the city of Accra requires stealth; a skill to drift unnoticed between the negative space around the dynamic people and intriguing happenings without tampering with its vibrant fabric and distinct zest. Yet to come into the uniqueness of Ghana’s capital city and enjoy it, one requires nuanced and sincere insights. Accra is not... Continue Reading →

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