Short Wave | Daniel Anum Jasper, Pioneer of Hand-Painted Movie Posters | EP 002

Daniel Anum Jasper has been making street art in Accra, Ghana since 1986. He is well known for his signature hand-painted movie posters which has become an emblem of the rapid growth of cinema culture from the late 80s to the early 2000s in major African cities like Accra, Ghana and are now relics of this gallant epoch. On this episode of Short Wave, we delve deep into the development of his style typified by the used of bright gradient backgrounds, blended calligraphy motifs and bold imposing characters. He also shares insights into his method of defining this visual language for communicating film through visual art. The episode also sees Jasper sharing insight into the art world’s fascination with this part of the contemporary iconography of Ghanaian Street Art and the various negative practices that revolve around the buying and selling of these hand-painted posters.

Filmed and edited by Hakeem Adam

Produced by Kwame Boafo

Special Thanks to Daniel Anum Jasper and Two Cedi (


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