Daymé Arocena – Neuva Era Album review

  Afro-Cuban and Caribbean music is a confluence of diverse musical styles including Spanish music, Jazz, Soul, native African music and traditions as well as the contemporary Cuban flair. As an art from, it can be serendipitous, electric, mellow or fiery. Daymé Arocena, on her most recent album, Neuva Era, is simultaneously breaking down and... Continue Reading →

Critical Analysis: Kwaw Ansah – Heritage Africa

Background Kwaw Ansah's classic historical drama, Heritage Africa (1989) is a brilliant film that terrifies you as much as it entertains you. The 110-minute tragedy follows colonial officer, Quincy Arthur Bosomfield’s struggle to reconstruct his African identity, which he sold for the respect of the white man, and help free his country from the shackles of... Continue Reading →

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