Accra Power: A Film That Unplugs A City

  Unpacking the city of Accra requires stealth; a skill to drift unnoticed between the negative space around the dynamic people and intriguing happenings without tampering with its vibrant fabric and distinct zest. Yet to come into the uniqueness of Ghana’s capital city and enjoy it, one requires nuanced and sincere insights. Accra is not... Continue Reading →

Jannis of Jakarta Records – Habibi Funk

What is Habibi Funk? There is nothing like the joy of discovering new music, finding a new sound that is a polarizing exposition to a culture alien to yours. Jannis, a DJ at indie record label Jakarta Records Habibi Funk Mixes on Soundcloud blend scintillating rhythms of various North African Funk-inspired songs. These gems discovered by rigorous crate-digging include riveting guitar riffs from Laylat Al Jadba by Fadoul, Ammar El Sherei's take of Abbdel... Continue Reading →

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