Jannis of Jakarta Records – Habibi Funk

What is Habibi Funk? There is nothing like the joy of discovering new music, finding a new sound that is a polarizing exposition to a culture alien to yours. Jannis, a DJ at indie record label Jakarta Records Habibi Funk Mixes on Soundcloud blend scintillating rhythms of various North African Funk-inspired songs. These gems discovered by rigorous crate-digging include riveting guitar riffs from Laylat Al Jadba by Fadoul, Ammar El Sherei's take of Abbdel... Continue Reading →


[Daymé Arocena - Nueva Era] Because any start is a start and not a indicator of how far this will go but a strong statement that it will be. The intention is to create a digital platform to showcase and celebrate old but gold African film and music from across the continent whilst reminding ourselves and the world of the high... Continue Reading →

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