Special Sauce – Sabolai Mix

African Electronic Music is one of the most criminally underrated genres of all time. Usually, major labels and music media tend to group all music from the continent under one vague and lazy category: World Music. This tag undermines the genius work of artist who have toiled to innovate new and distinct sounds, mirroring their personalities and times. It also makes it frustrating from new listeners to find these almost obscure tapes from artists like Abdel Halim Hafez, Amara Toure or Kiki Gyan.

Our resident DJ, Special Sauce, a huge fan of African electronic music has put together a solid 45-minute mix that looks to unearth some of the gems of African Electronic Music. The mix, debuted at the Sabolai Radio Music Festival in December 2016, takes listeners on a sonic journey along spacy synthesizers, enigmatic drum loops, spine-chilling electric guitar riffs and unapologetic bass. After listening to this well curated mix, one gets a firm sense of how expansive the African electronic music scene is as it contains songs from different sub-genres from all over the continent like kwaito, Sudanese hypnotic hip hop, afro funk, asorkpor, afro trap and house.




  1. Chino Amobi – Berlin
  2. Alpha 606 – Afriba
  3. Sufyvn – Fragments
  4. Kiki Gyan – Keep On Dancing
  5. John K – Moko Nshi Omo
  6. Ata Kak – Bome Nnwom
  7. DJ Katapila – Zoomlion
  8. MHD – Champions League
  9. Rich T – Afrikan Elektronix
  10. Kashaka – Dankasa remix
  11. JLL + deDunamis – Brass Action
  12. Langa Mavuso – Libalele (pray)
  13. Zaki Ibrahim – Do The Thing Right
  14. DJ Nova – Drunk in Love
  15. Mr vezzy – No Sweat No Sweet



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