Jannis of Jakarta Records – Habibi Funk


What is Habibi Funk? There is nothing like the joy of discovering new music, finding a new sound that is a polarizing exposition to a culture alien to yours. Jannis, a DJ at indie record label Jakarta Records Habibi Funk Mixes on Soundcloud blend scintillating rhythms of various North African Funk-inspired songs. These gems discovered by rigorous crate-digging include riveting guitar riffs from Laylat Al Jadba by FadoulAmmar El Sherei’s take of Abbdel Halim Hafez’ s songs and an eerie string solo at the beginning on Mix #005 that Shazam could not find!

The inaccessibility of these rare records that must have become very valuable by now add to the allure of the Habibi Funk mixes form the 60s and 70s. With Soundcloud’s evolution and new regulations DJ and music enthusiasts will not be able to share interesting sounds like these with us for much longer. Enjoy these glorious treasures originally exclusive on the witchcraft of vinyl.
Habibi Funk has also evolved into a record label reissuing album from Abdul Malek, Fadoul and Dalton with more to follow this year.


Photo credit: Habibi Funk Soundcloud page


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