[Daymé Arocena – Nueva Era]

Because any start is a start and not a indicator of how far this will go but a strong statement that it will be.
The intention is to create a digital platform to showcase and celebrate old but gold African film and music from across the continent whilst reminding ourselves and the world of the high standards our creative arts possess. It will also serve as a platform to introduce new artist and film makers creating work that demands attention but cannot swim in the mainstream.
The term classics will be defined by originality, purposeful thematic content and attention to detail. However, it is in no way a comprehensive term. African will also be applied in the widest sense to include any project based on Africans or people of African heritage and produced by African or people of African heritage.
But please ignore all the gibberish above, and enjoy our content because it is a candid reflection of the brilliance of the African’s ingenuity.
Ousmane Sembene - Emitai
Ousmane Sembene – Emitai

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