Daymé Arocena – Neuva Era Album review

  Afro-Cuban and Caribbean music is a confluence of diverse musical styles including Spanish music, Jazz, Soul, native African music and traditions as well as the contemporary Cuban flair. As an art from, it can be serendipitous, electric, mellow or fiery. Daymé Arocena, on her most recent album, Neuva Era, is simultaneously breaking down and... Continue Reading →

Jannis of Jakarta Records – Habibi Funk

What is Habibi Funk? There is nothing like the joy of discovering new music, finding a new sound that is a polarizing exposition to a culture alien to yours. Jannis, a DJ at indie record label Jakarta Records Habibi Funk Mixes on Soundcloud blend scintillating rhythms of various North African Funk-inspired songs. These gems discovered by rigorous crate-digging include riveting guitar riffs from Laylat Al Jadba by Fadoul, Ammar El Sherei's take of Abbdel... Continue Reading →


[Daymé Arocena - Nueva Era] Because any start is a start and not a indicator of how far this will go but a strong statement that it will be. The intention is to create a digital platform to showcase and celebrate old but gold African film and music from across the continent whilst reminding ourselves and the world of the high... Continue Reading →

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