Womanist Sounds For International Women’s Day 2019


**Editors note: This month we have a special featured mix for International Women’s Day 2019 by moshood. one of our fave guest writers.**

struggle is arguably prime among the innumerable uses for music; and, because a people in struggle do not cease being human, music, in that very realm, is also for sheer listening pleasure, for casual singing along, and dancing, to. it is in the spirit of all the above that i’ve made Winnieing: a mix of songs across genres and times, by african women (and men), that ultimately affirm and inspire women. 

it is my hope, then, that women who give this mix their ears and time get a certain sense of  affirmation and inspiration. above that, though, i wish that anyone who listens to Winnieing finds the listening experience as pleasurable as they find it motivating.

i should like to add that the mix’s name is a pun inspired by the title of the last song thereon: Winning by Yvonne Chaka Chaka – a song featured less because of its content than because of its backstory, which is not only a story concerning Winnie Madikizela Mandela, but also one of a woman’s evasion, with sly ingenuity, of an apartheid regime’s censorship foolishness.

in my wishes, such slyness and ingenuity are among the many tools that shall be used in dismantling the heteropatriarchal disorder, inshallah.


Written by:  moshood

moshood lives and writes from accra


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