SANZA SOUND SYSTEM: Nkgopoleng Moloi – Something Sweet and Short

As a panafrican platform, we have come across an amazing network of followers who share our interests and work. The support is also appreciated. In the spirit of forming communities with each other through the cyberspace, we’ve decided to come up with a series through out the year with our followers sharing the music they love with us.
The first edition is hosted by Nkgopoleng Moloi, an incredible creative whose work is worth a look. A quick introduction will be through her blissfully grided and minimal Instagram page where she captures crystals of time around people, space and architecture.
In her own words:
“I have a massive interest in cities and how people navigate through & create what we call life.
Fascinated (to the point of  obsession) by how we use culture (music, film, photography, poetry etc) to choreograph identity, meaning and life. I’m also fascinated by art as a powerful force that shapes society; its role in forcing us to question the way we see things….its role in raising our consciousness. I explore the world around me primarily through photography & writing and use these mediums as a way to understand what’s around me…..& I secretly wish I were Ghanaian 👀 (side note, is there a thing as honorary citizenship? 🙊)”
So this is how a convo on playlist being seen as cultural currency opened a door for new connections. Enjoy Nkgopoleng’s playlist below:
Track list:
1. Leon Bridges – Better Man
2. Ibeyi -Stranger, Lover
3. Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan
4. Noname -Diddy Bop
5. Oddisse – Like Really
6. Just a band – Winning in life

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